Daniel Wilkinson  Artist's Statement

My current interests are in two different media: gouache paintings and hybrid prints.


My fascination is with the abstract potential of moving water.  The patterns it creates as it flows, it’s many layers: the bottom, the mid-depth, the surface lines of flow, and the reflection of the surroundings.  The moving water bends and utterly transforms the forms it reflects.  Looking down from above, often getting quite close, is an exciting and disorienting viewpoint.  The flowing water, on reflection, changes or re-presents the things it reflects, just as a painting interprets the world to the viewer.  In this way, subject matter, artist, and the painting have a role in representation.  I’m trying to just paint what I see, and it ends up automatically abstract.


Hybrid Print

These works are a hybrid high-tech/low-tech print, a combination of woodblock and inkjet/pigment. My imagery begins with patterns of flowing water taken from nature. I strive to reconcile opposites: human and machine, traditional and new media, line and tone, nature and art.

I have pared down my images into two elements: line and tone. Currently, I am attempting to achieve the maximum possible tension or unity between the digital blurred tonal areas, and the traditionally produced sharper linear forms.  At times they are very separate and easily to see because they are very different in value or texture and sometimes, when they are similar, line and tonal background become almost indistinguishable.  Sometimes I produce large paintings based on these prints.